Your Most Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of your most frequently asked questions.  Remember! If you have another question or just wish to clarify something, please don't hesitate to email us at:

Can any homeschooled high school student attend?


Absolutely! We are not associated with any particular homeschool group. We have students come from as far as Texas, Washington, and Florida! You will not feel like an outsider, all are welcome!

I don't know anyone who is coming, will I still have fun?


Yes! We always have a bunch of students who come without groups!
That being said, we would suggest coming to one of our dance lessons prior to coming, that way you're guaranteed to be friends with at least 15 people before prom night. (Click Here for Dance lesson details) 
But you'll be fine either way! 


How do I submit songs?


All of our songs are pre-screened, to make sure everything is appropriate. If you have a song you want to hear you have to send it to us before prom night! 

All genres of music are welcome, but please keep in mind that we will not be playing songs that have bad words, suggestive lyrics or references to illegal activities.  


When submitting your songs, copy and paste a link to the lyrics along with the name and the artist, and send it to

What kinds of dances?

We have a mix of traditional group dancing (think classy traditional, like Jane Austen's, Pride and Prejudice), swing and modern dancing with our DJ. No previous dance experience required (we have an excellent caller!).

How do I volunteer to chaperone?


Chaperoning at the Heartland Homeschool Prom is an amazing experience!  To volunteer to help us make the Heartland Homeschool Prom one of the most memorable evenings of their high school years just email us at, and we will put you on the list for consideration.


Chaperoning tickets are $20 each, to help offset the cost of your dinner. Chaperones are also asked to wear black-tie formal attire conducive to the HHP attendee dress code.  

We have one chaperone to every 10-15 attendees.


Are there any exceptions to the Heartland Homeschool Prom dress code?


Why does the HHP have traditional dancing?

It's fun! When we started this event we wanted it to be a high school celebration that was an amazing experience for teens whether they came with a date, alone or a group of friends.  The type of traditional dancing that we do is actually still done around the world and is loads of fun!  In Finland, they have this huge event that most all high school juniors participate in where they learn all sorts of traditional dances--this is considered a high school highlight.  We got some of the inspiration from them because it was then that we realized that dancing is a very cultural thing and is still done today! 

The traditional dancing is one of the reasons that students travel from seven different states for this event.


The Dress Code for the Heartland Homeschool Prom is designed to make sure that all attendees have a wonderful time, your attire must be within the HHP dress code (no chucks, body piercings, jeans, etc.) for you to attend.

Though it is uncomfortable for the chaperons to pull students aside or possibly ask them to leave because they failed to follow the dress code for the HH, they will do just that. Please be kind to the chaperons and other attendees by dressing within the guidelines for the Heartland Homeschool Prom.  






What does "black tie" mean?


Like other black tie events, we have a dress code and also a  code of conduct that is enforced.  We have these rules not to impose on you, but to make the event a more wonderful experience for everyone!  The Black Tie Guide has a wonderful article on the importance of dressing appropriately for formal events.

Why do you pick all your venues from Indianapolis?

This is a statewide and beyond homeschool prom and it's a very convenient destination for our many attendees coming from several hours away. Downtown Indy also has all the amazing prom destinations!

What's for dinner?


Attendees at the Heartland Homeschool Prom will dine in the elegance of The  Indiana Roof Ballroom, and will be served a three-course meal by waiters. The meal is a wonderful time for students to get to know some of the amazing kids from around the Heartland sitting at their table. As for actually what is for dinner, we can't tell you!  We will announce the full menu closer to the date of the prom.