Eight o'clock until Midnight

 The photo booths will be open at this time. Photo booth prints and sittings are all totally free for you--have fun with it!  The prints make fun keepsakes of your evening downtown and are so fun to post on your bulletin board or in your scrapbook!


The Senior Dance will start at 11:40, where the floor will be cleared for the graduating seniors, their dance partners, and their parents.  After the senior dance, the floor will be immediately open again to all students. Though parents will be asked to leave the dance floor at that time, the parents are invited to watch the rest of the event from the second-floor mezzanine. If you are a parent of a graduating senior and have not registered for the Senior Dance, we invite you to do so! Registration is free but,  for the safety of prom guests, all parents who wish to participate must pre-register. Seniors and their dance partners need not register for this dance.