Prom dress code is strict and it is the responsibility of the attendees to maintain dress code throughout the evening
(this includes keeping adjustments made by the prom seamstresses).

~Long gowns are encouraged but not required.

~Modest and becoming gowns that are appropriate.

~No trousers. 

~Slits must come no higher than your fingertips.

~Short dresses must come down to some part of the knee.

~Spaghetti straps and strapless gowns are permitted.

~V-necks must have a panel, the panel may be small.

~No plunging necklines.

~Undergarments must be worn undergown.

~No side or front cut-outs in dresses below the natural bra line.

~The gown's back may not be lower than the smallest portion of the natural waistline.

~No see-through gowns are permitted.

~No Chucks, Glitter Toms, Converse,                Cowboy  Boots, Flip flops or Tennis Shoes.

~No nose or body piercings excluding earrings


Please use your utmost discretion when selecting a gown to assure that it is tasteful and above reproach.



~Note about dresses: For your benefit, please make sure that your dress stays "secure" when you jump up and down, wiggle, or any other dance move. We have seen several young ladies struggle to keep their dresses "in place" while trying to dance.  You will have a much more enjoyable evening if you are not fighting your dress all night.


~Tuxedo or Dress Suit (A Dress Suit or               Tuxedo is defined as matching pants and jacket).
~Dress Suits must be dark and matching. ~No Weird prints on suits automatically make it a casual suit: which are not allowed. 

~Black jeans and/or sports coats are not acceptable formal attire.

-Dress shoes only. 

~No Chucks, Converse, Cowboy Boots, or         Tennis Shoes.

~No body piercings.

~Neck ties or bow ties are required.

~A collared, button-up shirt is required

  (no T-shirts)

~No Kilts 


Please Note: No Chucks, Glitter Toms, Converse, Cowboy Boots, or Tennis Shoes are not permitted.

All Attendees

~No visible tattoos or body piercing* (clear   spacers may be used to ensure that                  "piercings" do not close. These are                  available most places where body                    piercings are sold.) *Earrings are acceptable 
~No Tennis Shoes, Chucks, Glitter Toms,          Converse, Cowboy Boots, or Tennis Shoes are permitted.
~Dress Code will be strictly enforced.



   It is uncomfortable for the Chaperones to ask our attendees to correct there suits or dresses that are outside of the dress code, however, they will do just that. Please make sure that you are within the above guidelines. (If in doubt, err on the side of the conservative.)

Regrettably, if you choose to not come with appropriate attire; i.e. the proper shoes, suit, dress, etc., you will not be permitted to attend the Prom. We ask that you do not put the Prom volunteers in the difficult place of turning you away.

It is the responsibility of the attendees to maintain dress code throughout the evening (this includes keeping in adjustments made by the prom seamstresses).