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In order to ensure that all attendees know what will be permitted and discouraged, we have included behavior, etiquette, and dress code rules. Failure to comply with the following may result in expulsion from the Prom.

Wristbands: At the beginning of the evening all attendees will be given a wristband when arriving at prom and that wristband will be worn the duration of the prom.  If you leave the premises unchaperoned, the wristband will be removed and you will not be allowed to reenter.


Please read the following information carefully as you will be asked to

agree to it during the registration process.


>No PDA (Public Display of Affection) besides hugging and hand-holding.
>Caressing or extended embracing
>Girls sitting on boy's laps or vice versa


Proper Dance etiquette and behavior require that there is NO:
>Body against body
>Provocative Movements/Dirty Dancing, no moshing


Please No:

~Leaving the ballroom. If you need something from your vehicle a chaperone will be happy to escort you!

~No in and out. You will be checked out once you leave the Prom. You will not be allowed to return.

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