Six o'clock

Check-in is an awesome time to chat with your friends and meet some amazing new ones! 

Check-In Process

There will be chaperones in the main-promenade area to help you check-in! During check-in, we ask you that bring your registration QR codes to be scanned (this will make registration faster) and allow you more time to talk with friends! Upon check-in, you will be given a wristband and directed to the place-card table. 


Drop Off

Your parents can drop you off at The Indiana Roof Ballroom main entrance which is also the main entrance to the Indiana Repertory Theatre.


If you're driving yourself, there is parking on the 7th floor of the Embassy Suites parking garage for $24 and parking at the Circle Center Mall for $14. However, from the Embassy Suites parking garage, there is another entrance to the ballroom.